Let’s continue looking at some of the nice restaurants in Stone Mountain GA. We have looked at quite a few so far, but we are still finding those hidden gems. You want to know all the good places to sit down for a meal. This first place we’re going to look at serves up delicious barbecue. Sit back and program your phone to the directions of the Stone Mountain restaurant that sounds most appealing to you.

Greater Good Barbecue is located at 4431 Hugh Howell Road. Brisket, smoked wings, Brunswick stew and more await you at this establishment. I have a real affinity for this place already because guess what, it uses Carolina barbecue sauce. I live in the Carolinas, and I like that Greater Good Barbecue uses the type of sauce that is used there. It is good for sure, and you can expect to eat a delicious meal at Greater Good Barbecue.

If you like chicken wings, then this next place is also going to be right up your alley. Susie’s Best Wings is located at 4819 Rockbridge Road, and one reviewer says that he used to eat there daily. Now that is a committed customer. Powder ranch wings and lemon pepper wings are some of the favorites served up there.

Here comes another popular barbecue place, and it is called Crazy Ron’s BBQ. Located at 6187 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Crazy Ron’s BBQ is served out of a train. Let me explain. You have heard of a food truck. Well, this restaurant is a little red train. This is a great place to stop by for a unique lunch experience and some great food.

Now it’s pizza time, and Colossus Pizza has you covered. It is located at 5385 Five Forks Trickum Road. Not only can you order up delicious pizza at this hole in the wall type restaurant, but you can have a Greek salad, gyros, lasagna and more. The pizza and other menu items look unique and really delicious.

Some excellent restaurant experiences await you, and Stone Mountain GA in general welcomes you. I’m sure by now that the restaurants we’ve covered have convinced you that this city is a great place to visit. Make sure you also check out the things to do in Stone Mountain because you will certainly not be disappointed on that front either. You will enjoy this warm welcome, and you might end up looking at real estate in the area by the time you are done.